Instructions for downloading and using Caseviewer:

ACCP/Sysmex UK CaseCenter with CaseViewer

To Download CaseViewer:

1. Follow or type this link in to your browser:
This will take you to the screen below.

2. Click on CaseViewer 2.1 for Windows for PC or
CaseViewer 1.4 for MAC for Apple Mac devices.

3. To log in: In your browser (IE 10 or Google Chrome) type This will
give you the following login screen.

Login using the User name and Password supplied upon application to the ACCP (case sensitive).

This will take you to the first screen:

To View The Slide:

4.  To View the Slide click on ‘Test’ and then ‘ACCP’ / ‘Bone Marrow’  to access the virtual slide tray where you will see the thumbnail image of the scanned slides.

5. To view the slide in full, click directly on the slide (once is enough). To pop-up an overview click on the compass icon: 

To Navigate The Slide:

6.  To Navigate around the slide or zoom in and out of the image, simply use your mouse scroll. The magnification will be indicated at the top of the screen in the magnifying glass display panel.

Note: Whenever altering zoom or changing field of view, the display will take a moment to reconfigure and reload. This process is complete when the green line at the top of the display disappears and only then is the image optimal.

7. To move around the scanned slide simply drag using the mouse or alternatively, click on the overview image in the area that you want to view.


8. If the slide has been scanned in z-stack – using multiple layers – which means that you can rack up and down through the layers no matter what field of view you are looking at:

9. Drag the blue button on the slider up and down or click on the + and – buttons to move through the layers. Alternatively, if you click on the slide stack icon then you will toggle between multiple layers and a single layer. The single layer image will be composed of the most ‘in-focus’ layer from the stack in each field of view.


If you need to adjust the brightness of the image then click on the ‘Toggle Colour Adjust’ button at the top of the display

Drag the buttons on the curve until you achieve the adjustment that you prefer. If you want to reset the brightness and contrast to original scanned levels, simply click on the

reset button


Once you have finished reviewing the slide simply click on the ‘X’ in the top right hand corner of the viewer display.

10. To Exit the application click on the Exit icon in the top right of the CaseCenter display.


If any questions please
don't hesitate to email us.