ACCP CaseViewer Morphology EQAS

Individuals are allocated a unique number in order to protect confidentiality.  Distribution of slides in CaseViewer will be at approximately one-two month intervals. Participants are invited to review bone marrow or peripheral blood film images, and return the results for statistical analysis by the organisers. Results will be returned before the next distribution is issued and will include; individual performance identified using only the unique ID numbers, the consensus results and a statistical summary. It is expected that there will be a yearly report of the programme at the annual ACCP meeting and furthermore this may be published. The distribution of images of material from animals in health and disease may also be included in the distributions for training and education purposes. 


To access to the ACCP CaseViewer Database, an application form must be completed and an image of a signed copy sent to Mike Burgess-Wilson at, after which the CaseViewer user ID and Password will be forwarded, along with instructions as to how to use the CaseViewer software.  The application form is available on the ACCP Website.  The ACCP wish to sincerely thank Sysmex and 3DHistech for their help and support. 

This External Quality Assurance Scheme is available to all members of the ACCP who wish to compare their results when performing bone marrow smear evaluation and peripheral blood film analysis with other participants.

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