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This year the joint ACCP/ESVCP Congress, originally scheduled to take place in Vienna, Austria, will be held virtually due to travel restrictions in place because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Details on how to join the meeting are present on the ESVCP website: Please see: https://esvcp-congress.org/

There is a very full program schedule:

Wednesday 24th June - Thursday 25th June will be presented by the ACCP to include invited lectures, scientific abstracts and case histories

Friday 26th - Saturday 27th June will be presented by the ESVCP, to include scientific abstracts, case histories, and mystery cases. This day will also include the ESVCP AGM.

There will be news from the industry to include short presentations on the Atellica, the Advia 2020, and the Eurolyser.

For more details including how to register, see below, or please visit: