Future Events - Coming Soon

The Corona virus pandemic has meant that all meetings planned for the near future have had to be postponed until the crisis is over.

Meetings, conferences, training courses and workshops are now being planned for the future. Please watch this space for further details as they are made available.

Please feel free to contact any committee member in the interim for further information.

Past Events

This year the joint ACCP/ESVCP Congress, originally scheduled to take place in Vienna, Austria, was held virtually due to the travel restrictions in place because of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic the meeting was held virtually.


The meeting was held open for 90 days from the end of the conference (until 25th September) to permit late comers to still register and be able to access the lectures, presentations and workshops. This option is no longer available, however, if anyone wishes to contact members of the ACCP committee we may be able to provide details on future events that may encompass the lectures, presentations and workshops provided by the ACCP.

25th - 28th November 2019

BSTP Meetings:

2019 - 2023

This very successful meeting included programmes focused on Comparative and Veterinary Biochemistry, and included two 3-hour workshops, the first on Bone Marrow and Blood Cell Reading in Toxicologic Haematology, and  the second on Case Studies in Pre-clinical Toxicology.

The Geoff Brown Memorial Lecture was given by Sergio Rutella, MD PhD FRCPath (Haem) from John van Geest Cancer Research Centre in Nottingham Trent University and was greatly received.

20th ESVCP-ECVCP Congress held in Athens

20th ESVCP congress Athens.jpg

Members of the ACCP were invited to give presentations to attending members of the ESVCP and ECVCP on a great variety of topics from data interpretation to cell morphology in toxicological clinical pathology with great success. Following the meeting the ACCP has been invited back to their next congress in Prague 2020.


19th ACCP Summer Conference - June 2018

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Blood Cell & Bone Marrow Cell Morphology - May 2017

The next interactive course in Blood Cell and Bone Marrow Cell Morphology shall take place on the 25th - 26th May 2017 at Warwick University.  

Data Interpretation in Clinical Pathology - May 2017

The next Data Interpretation in Clinical Pathology shall be offered on the 22nd - 25th May 2017 at Warwick University.

ACCP Spring Meeting: 17th ACCP Conference – May 2016 


Translational Biomarkers from Mouse to Man for Hepatic, Immunologic, Cardiac, Pancreatic and Gastrointestinal Toxicity, with Open Communications in Comparative Clinical Pathology. 

This meeting included two workshops; “Case Studies in Pre-clinical Toxicology” & “Marrow / Blood Smear-Reading in Toxicologic Haematology.

  • Workshop 1: “Case Studies in Pre-clinical Toxicology” – Malcolm York; Ian Roman; Peter Cotton, Jo Harding

  • Novel hepatic biomarkers - Dominic Williams, AZ, Cambridge, UK

  • Predictive immunotoxicology – Catherine Betts, AZ – Cambridge, UK

  • Translational pancreatic biomarkers – Peter O’Brien, UCD – Dublin, Ire

  • Vendor-Technology, Brief-Presentations on Clinical Pathology

  • Latest Technology Developments in Toxicologic Clinical Pathology

  • Broncho-alveolar lavage fluid analysis in veterinary medicine – Francesco Cian, Battlab, Coventry, UK 

  • Annual General Meeting

  • Key Note Lecture –   Evaluating Cardiotoxicity Risk - Malcolm York, GSK, Ware, UK

  • Translational inflammatory biomarkers – Sonal Patel, GSK, Ware, UK

  • Bronchioalveolar lavage in safety assessment – Steve Crome, Envigo     

  • Geoff Brown Memorial Lecture – Acute phase proteins and proteomics - Prof David Eckersall, Univ of Glasgow, Scotland

  • Novel renal biomarkers in non-rodent species – Petra Vinken, Janssen, Beerse, Belgium

  • Metabolomics screening for toxicity in pre-clinical species - Volker Strauss, BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany

  • Workshop 2:  Marrow / Blood Smear reading in Toxicologic Haematology – Cliff Smith; Mike Burgess-Wilson

  • Identification of nucleated cells in blood films.

  • White cell differential on common experimental animal species; e.g. rat. Mouse, primate, dog, mini-pig, hamster, chicken.

  • Identification of cells in bone marrow.

  • Bone marrow cell counting; including performing a Myeloid/Erythroid ratio.

  • Review of red cell morphology.

  • A review of the effect of toxicological changes to the cell populations seen in the blood film and the bone marrow smear.

Blood Cell and Bone Marrow Cell Morphology Course - Oct 2015

Toxic effects on Blood and Bone Marrow Morphology in Laboratory Animals

An interactive course in Blood Cell and Bone Marrow Cell Morphology was held at Hellidon Lakes near Daventry (UK) in October 2015.


Topics covered included examination and differentiation of peripheral blood leucocytes including neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils and basophils. 


Topics additionally covered an introduction to bone marrow analysis including examination and differentiation of haematopoeitic cells into myeloid and lymphoid cell compartments.

Data Interpretation Course - May 2015

Approaches to the Interpretation of Clinical Pathology Data

A course in Data Interpretation in Clinical Pathology was held in 2015 at Warwick University. 


An interactive training course comprising lectures and syndicate sessions aimed at improving interpretation skills in junior and senior scientists, involved in the assessment of clinical pathology data in laboratory animals

  • Impact of protocol design on the collection of meaningful clinical pathology data.

  • Potential sources of pre-analytical variation in animal clinical pathology.

  • Correlation of clinical pathology data with target organ toxicity or pathophysiology.

  • Liver, Heart, Muscle, Kidney, Haematology and Immunotoxicology.

  • Evaluation of clinical pathology data.

  • Extrapolation of animal clinical pathology data and relevance for man.

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