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April 28th 2021


As a part of the educational seminars provided by the 


American College of Toxicology,


the Association for Comparative Clinical Pathology

will be presenting a Webinar on:


Hot Topics in Clinical Pathology

on April 28th (11:30 AM ET)

Please see: American College of Toxicology (actox.org) for further details.

With support from: The British Toxicology Society and the Society of Toxicologic Pathology.

This ACT Signature Webinar will be presented by members of the ACCP and will cover the following topics:


  • Advances in the Measurement of Thyroid Hormones to Assess Endocrine Disruption Potential of Chemicals in the Rat

  • Spatial Biology—Localization and Quantification of the Invisible

  • In Vivo Bone Marrow Toxicology Investigations in Combination Oncology Therapy

  • Platelet Indices: Useful or Just More Numbers?

Presentations are now available in the

Members Area Forum - a new offering from the ACCP!