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The Association for Comparative Clinical Pathology was formed to promote discussion to provide a better knowledge and understanding of all aspects of Comparative Clinical Pathology, including (but not exclusively limited to) Haematology, Clinical Biochemistry and Cytology. Prime functions of the ACCP are to promote education and training in the subjects and encourage research and publication of data.


Welcome to the website for the Association for Comparative Clinical Pathology.

The Association was formed from the merger of the Animal Clinical Chemistry Association (ACCA) and the Association for Comparative Haematology (ACH) in the nineteen nineties. 
It was created as a forum for people working in the veterinary, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries to be able to communicate and provide
help and support for each
other in a field that is


We meet annually at our scientific meeting and also offer training courses to educate students and individuals working in the arts of peripheral blood and bone marrow microscopical analysis, and in the
data interpretation of clinical pathology data. 


Our previous events in 2014 (Alderley Edge), 2015 and 2016 (Hellidon Lakes), 2017 (Warwick University), 2018 (The Belfry Hotel) and 2019 (Athens) have met with great success.

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Disseminating current research and interests in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, toxicology and veterinary sciences

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Meetings and Courses

ACCP meetings and courses are usually held on an annual basis.


The Covid-19 pandemic impacted the face-to-face meetings planned for 2020 and 2021. However, in 2022, restrictions in the UK were eased and the first face-to-face meeting since the pandemic began has now been organised and will be going ahead on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th September 2022.  The venue will again be the prestigious Belfry Hotel & Resort near Birmingham (UK). Please register your interest in attending this event as soon as possible to assure your place, using the contact details in the Events tab, or contacting any of the committee members listed on the About Us page, or the Membership page. Alternatively, apply to become a full member (for free) utilising the links on the Contact Us or  Membership  pages, or contact Professor O'Brien directly on the Contact Us page.

In 2021 ACCP members gave a webinar hosted by the ACT on ‘Hot Topics in Clinical Pathology’. Presentations are available in the Membership area; Just click on the Membership tab above and log in, or register to become a member - currently free to join.

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This External Quality Assurance Scheme is available to all members of the ACCP who wish to compare their results when performing bone marrow smear evaluation and peripheral blood film analysis with other participants

Individuals are allocated a unique number in order to protect confidentiality.  Distribution of slides in CaseViewer will be at approximately one-two month intervals.


Participants are invited to review bone marrow or peripheral blood film images, and return the results for statistical analysis by the organisers. Results will be returned before the next distribution is issued and will include; individual performance identified using only the unique ID numbers, the consensus results and a statistical summary. It is expected that there will be a yearly report of the program at the annual ACCP meeting and furthermore this may be published. 


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